Is your wall putty okay in hot and humid weather?

Summer is coming, and most construction in high-temperature weather will have a big problem, especially in the treatment of the base layer of the wall, scraping the putty.

We know that the best temperature for the construction environment of wall putty is within 5-35 ℃, the humidity in the air is less than 85%, and the humidity of the substrate is less than 10%. So in the hot summer, What’s the problem, and how to avoid it?

1. high temperature exposure


The temperature is too high in summer, not only the substrate is easy to dry, but also absorbs water quickly, and the strong sunlight will also speed up the evaporation of wall putty moisture. The surface of the putty after construction dries too fast, and the phenomenon of rolling skin, falling powder, and cracking after batch scraping occurs.

2. Rainy and tidal


Prolonged wet weather, high air humidity, or high moisture content in the base layer will also affect the drying speed of the putty. If the current layer of wall putty is not dried and the next layer is applied, it is easy to cause bubbling and peeling of the finishing layer. In addition, A humid environment will cause the strength of the water-resistant putty to rise faster and the sandable time to be shortened.

How to solve the problems caused by hot and humid weather?


1. Ensure that the base layer of the wall is well handled

  • The base layer does not crack, drop powder, or sand is not hollow, and has no old coatings with poor adhesion.
  • Wall cleaning: no dust, no mildew spots, no salt precipitates on the surface.
  • The facade is vertical, square, and without missing edges and corners, and the depth of the grid joints is consistent and horizontal and vertical.

2. Take precautions

  • In a high temperature and dry environment, the interface agent can be used to seal the substrate, or before the wall putty is applied, the wall should be wetted with water two hours in advance, and the wall putty layer should be completely dried and maintained.
  • It is recommended to use up the prepared wall putty immediately after construction.
  • Avoid construction in high temperature environments and strong direct sunlight.



In hot weather, the better the quality of putty, the fewer these problems will occur. And the additives used in the putty directly determine the performance. Michem as a professional construction Chemical manufacturer, provide high-quality Cellulose ether product HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)with MilaCellTM Brand, for wall putty application, our grade MH-100K is specially developed for high weather & temperature. For more information, product TDS, MSDS, and Free samples, you can contact…..
Or ask our technician to get a free solution about your wall putty.

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