Milacell™ Cellulose Ethers
For Self-Leveling compound

Self-Leveling compound Description

Self levelling compound is often known as floor screed, or floor levelling compound and is essential for creating an even floor surface.They are composed of cement, sands, fillers, and modified by a range of additives such as cellulose ethers, plasticizers, defoamers, and redispersible powders. Self-leveling compound with a compressive strength higher than that of traditional concrete prior.

Why Chose MilaCell™ Cellulose

Milacell™ cellulose ether offer general and modified cellulose products for Self-Leveling Compound.Our tailored solution provides you with the most suitable products for your specific requirements.
Milacell™ cellulose ether products offer the following properties in Self-Leveling Compound applications:

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