Milacell™ Cellulose Ethers
For Wall putty

Wall putty Description

Wall putty is a cement-based fine powder made of white cement which is mixed with water & other additives. It fills the cracks, imperfections, and gaps in the wall to create a smooth surface before painting. Wall putty can be used on both dry and wet walls, and also be applied on the interior as well as exterior wall finishing. Wall putty makes walls water & heat resistant, abrasion resistant, and prevents them from undergoing unwanted flaking.White putty is a polymer-based putty and is one of the most popular types of wall putty used in buildings nowadays.

Why Chose MilaCell™ Cellulose

Milacell™ cellulose ether offer general and modified cellulose products for Wall putty.

Milacell™ cellulose ether products offer the following properties in Wall putty applications:

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