HPMC for Tile adhesive

Why cellulose ether HPMC is Very Important for tile adhesive ?

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) for tile adhesive, also known as ceramic tile bond Thickening agent ,Chemical additivestile glue, is mainly used for pasting ceramic tile, face brick, floor tile and other decorative materials, widely used in internal and external walls, ground, bathroom, kitchen and other building decoration places. Its main characteristics are high bonding strength, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, good aging resistance and convenient construction, is a very ideal bonding material.

Functions of cellulose ether HPMC :

Tile adhesive (HPMC for Tile adhesive) is currently one of the important applications of Cellulose ether HPMC construction grade. It uses cement and other organic or inorganic additives as the main cementing material, supplemented by aggregates, water-retaining agents, early strength agents, redispersible polymer powders, etc. Importance of HPMC for tile adhesive

  1. Excellent water retention
  2. Develop viscosity (Very sticky)
  3. No anti-sag property
  4. No slip resistanc
  • On the left is the picture without HPMC added
  • On the right is the picture with HPMC added
Through the picture on the right, we can see that HPMC with ceramic tile glue is well fixed on the wall.It shows the importance of HPMC for Tile adhesive​
  • On the left side of the picture is the effect of adding HPMC
  • On the right side of the picture is the effect without HPMC

We can clearly see that the tiles on the right side have fallen seriously,However, the tile on the left has no sign of sliding.It shows the importance of HPMC for Tile adhesive​

The bigger the size of ceramic tile is, the greater the load is. The higher the requirement of adhesive force of ceramic tile is put forward.So The larger the tile, the more it shows the importance of HPMC for Tile adhesive​

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Cellulose Ether HPMC Product Specifications

Appearance:white or off-white powder
Moisture:≤5 %
Ash:≤5 %
Methoxy content:19-24 %
Hydroxypropyl content:4-12 %
pH value:6-8
Viscosity:400-75,000 mPa.s (Brookfield RV, 2%)

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