Milacell™ Cellulose Ethers
For Gypsum Joint Compound

Gypsum Joint Compound Description

Gypsum based jointing compound or Gypsum Joint Filler use as a smooth compound for filling the joints between gypsum plasterboards or gypsum fibre boards. Gypsum Joint Compound is composed of portland cement, fine fllers, bonding chemicals, and high-performance additives. Itis supplied as a dry powder in pre-weighed bags ready to use on-site. It requires only the addition of cleangypsum board joints. Gypsum Joint Compound can be generally applied in thickness from 1mm to 5mm.

Why Chose MilaCell™ Cellulose

Milacell™ cellulose ether offer general and modified cellulose products for Gypsum Joint Compound.
Milacell™ cellulose ether products offer the following properties in Gypsum Joint Compound applications:

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