Milacell™ Cellulose Ethers
For Repair Mortars

Repair Mortars Description

Repair mortar is a high-strength polymer modified mortar for concrete repair. It is composed of cement, sand, and other high molecular polymers additives. When the concrete is damaged, the traditional cement mortar cannot guarantee the matching and the quality of the repair, and often cracks, peeling, even failures that cause greater damage. Repair mortar help to repair concrete defects, improve appearance, restore structural integrity, increase durability and extend the structure's longevity. Repair mortar has the advantages of high strength, strong adhesion, adjustable repair thickness and adjustable fluidity.

Why Chose MilaCell™ Cellulose

Milacell™ cellulose ether offer general and modified cellulose products for Repair Mortars.  Milacell™ cellulose ether products offer the following properties in the Repair Mortars applications:

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