6 Functions of HPMC in Skim Coat

Skim Coat is a thin coat that gives the walls and ceilings a flawless finish. It is also known as a level-five drywall finish, made up of a diluted joint compound. Skim Coat can be applied with hands, spray guns, or paint rollers and then can be smoothened by a trowel or drywall knife. Skim Coat is the most straightforward technique for flattening surfaces. The double layer of Skim Coat brings perfection and gives the walls and ceilings an unblemished finish. 

Basic Skim Coat formulations are Cement-based, Gypsum based, and Gray Calcium based.  

Types of Skim Coat are-

  • All-purpose type skims coat is a base coat for damaged walls that needs a second coat of different types of plaster after it gets dried.
  • Quick set type Skim Coat comes in powder form wherein Water is added and mixed thoroughly before using. Water reacts with powder and creates a quick drying time between five minutes to three hours. It is to be applied quickly as it keeps drying until it gets hard.
  • Topping Type skims coat offers less shrinkage and an effortlessly sanded top surface compared to All-purpose type and quick set type Skim Coat.

MilaCell HPMC in skim coat
MilaCell HPMC in skim coat

Skim Coat plays a vital role in making the walls and ceilings beautiful. A skim coat is applied to the new drywall to hide the joints and to avoid flashing in the walls. The new drywalls are skim coated with a thin layer if the wall is not to be textured. It is also used to mend old, damaged, and unappealing walls and surfaces. Application of Skim coat gives the old surfaces a nice consistency and retextures them for paint or primer.

HPMC is a chemical formulation that enhances the job of the Skim Coat and advances the overall quality and stability of the surfaces. While Skim Coating, HPMC helps avoid dehydration, cracking, or drying of construction material and enhances the plasticity of mortar and coating efficiency.

HPMC also improves the coating’s adhesivity and makes the mortar affix with the base material by preventing the slipping problem between the base material and the mortar. Thus, reviving the same luster of the old walls and giving a superior finish.

Functions of Milacell HPMC in Skim Coat

MilaCellTM HPMC advances the critical properties of Skim Coat. Suppose HPMC is not included in the Skim Coat. In that case, the quality of the coating is hampered because of deprived Open time, workability, water retention, crack resistance, Adhesiveness, Slip resistance, stability, dispersibility, etc. MilaCellTM HPMC plays significant functions in Skim Coat:

1. Opening Time

With the property of water retention and adhesion, MilacellTM HPMC brings a longer opening time and better solidity. 

2. Stability

HPMC gives superior storage stability; balances even viscosity disperses the pigments evenly and neutralizes the effect of pH value.

3. Dispersibility

HPMC functions as a colloidal protective agent and avoids the agglomeration of polymeric particles.

4. Water Retention

HPMC has better water-holding, adhesion, and lubrication property to avoid cracking, dripping, and off-powder occurrence. It provides better resistance to shrinkage and boosts work efficiency.   

5. Adhesivity and Operationality

HPMC enhances the mortar’s plasticity and thus, gives a better grip between mortar and base material and improves the coating efficiency. 

6. Thickening property

HPMC functions as a thickening agent in Skim Coat and improves tensile strength and flexural strength.

MilaCell hpmc viscosity test
MilaCell hpmc viscosity test

Thickening property also helps in preventing slipping problems between mortar and base material in construction projects.

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